2018 Cocurricular Booklet


Brigidine College, Indooroopilly is proud of its cocurricular program. A strong history of excellence and achievement has been established. The variety of opportunities available for students allows them to have a richer school experience.

Learning can take many forms. Research tells us that a part of our uniqueness as individuals is that we can assimilate knowledge in many more ways than through the traditional written and spoken modes. So on a personal level, in addition to the joy of participating, competing and achieving, the girls learn valuable life skills such as team work, co-operation, goal setting, time management and problem solving. Students are encouraged to participate in at least two activities. While many activities may take place outside of normal school hours, it is important that students understand that school rules and expectations still apply.

In an effort to maintain such a diverse program, we encourage parental involvement in coaching, managing, transporting and supporting teams/groups in these areas and endeavours:


  • Art: Various Competitions and Exhibitions
  • Extension: Writers’ Workshops,STEM; Mathematics,Chemistry and Science & Engineering competitions; Opti-MINDS
  • Debating and Public Speaking: QDU; Lions Youth of the Year; Bond Mooting
  • Dance & Drama: College Musical; Creative Arts Evenings
  • Music: College & Show Choirs; Orchestra, Concert Band, Strings and other Ensembles


  • Community Awareness: Justice and Democracy, St Vincent de Paul, Interact – service, awareness raising & fundraising
  • Justice & Democracy group
  • Liturgy Committee
  • Spirit Squad


  • Sports: For further information on current sports, refer to the Cocurricular Program Booklet, which can be accessed below.

Excursions / Trips / Visits

Throughout the year a range of activities occur. These may include:

  • Immersion program locally and overseas (eg, Vietnam)
  • Ski trip
  • Travel to Noumea/Japan/Europe for academic enrichment/development and pleasure
  • Various subject excurions (Dreamworld, UQ, restaurants and so on)
  • Museum and Art Gallery visits
  • Students visiting from overseas on exchange