We believe that, as a Catholic secondary school for girls in the Brigidine tradition, curriculum is developed within a framework of values and practices that are consistent with the gospel teachings of Jesus.

The College is committed to following the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians December 2008.

We are committed to engendering a love of learning that promotes students’ sense of belonging, self esteem and resilience. Students learn in a collaborative and cooperative environment which caters for the many learning styles of experiences of the girls. The curriculum continues to evolve to the needs, interests and talents of all students.

The Brigidine College curriculum:

  • Aims to develop self-reflecting independent learning
  • Commits to gospel values of justice and service
  • Provides for a student centred learning environment
  • Affirms the dignity and sacredness of all people
  • Provides for independence through inquiry, analysis and transformation
  • Nurtures and encourages each person’s potential and giftedness.

Brigidine College curriculum is supported by the Dimensions of Learning Framework.

This framework provides a structure for the teaching and learning process through:

  • Positive Attitudes & Perceptions to Learning (Dimension 1)
  • Acquiring and Integrating Knowledge (Dimension 2)
  • Extending and Refining Knowledge (Dimension 3)
  • Using Knowledge Meaningfully (Dimension 4)
  • Productive Habits of Mind (Dimension 5)