Students develop a strong understanding of Catholic faith and spirituality through active participation in timetabled activities, programs, external experiences and school community events.


  • Our curriculum is developed within a framework of values and practices that are consistent with the gospel teachings of Jesus.
  • Prayer and worship are a priority within the College timetable. Students actively participate in liturgical experiences and sacraments.
  • Religious Education programs are linked to student’s life experiences.
  • Indigenous, Hindu, Islamic and Buddhist traditions are also studied, as well as excursions and guest speakers for Study of Religion, so our girls have a broad view of religion and the tenant: ‘Do Unto Others’.

Religious Identity and Culture

Brigidine College aims to foster the development of Catholic faith and spirituality as well as to empower our young women to create a more just society, within the school and beyond it.

To this end:

  • Prayer and worship are a priority within the College timetable. Students actively participate in liturgical experiences.
  • Religious Education Programs are linked to the life experiences of the students.
  • Retreats, Conference Days, Workshops and Camps are arranged for each year level.
  • Beliefs are actioned through practical service such as community building activities within the College, community service within our wider community and voluntary membership of service groups such as Justice and Democracy, St Vincent de Paul and Interact.
  • Opportunities are available for students to celebrate the Sacraments including weekly, House liturgies and whole School Masses.
  • Parents are encouraged to join the College in celebrating community occasions like the Opening Mass, Awards and Acknowledgement Evening, Daniel Delany Day Mass, House Masses or Liturgies and other special Assemblies.
  • All teachers uphold the ethics and values of Brigidine Education with a particular focus on guiding each student to consider and reflect the Brigidine Core Values.

Faith Formation

Living the Gospel

  • The Cycle of the Liturgical Year is embedded in the College calendar; the natural rhythm of the school is synchronized with “celebrating the Good News” and reflects gospel practices and processes.
  • Our Opening Mass begins the year with an outward focus on welcome and hospitality just before Ash Wednesday re-focuses our community on others through Project Compassion – a call for us to live out the Gospel values.
  • At the end of Term 1, we conduct our Easter Liturgy – it is a solemn, dignified liturgy which seeks to relate Christ’s passion to the issues facing our world today.
  • Advent sees the community preparing similarly and incorporating the Good News of the Jesus story into our community in a way that will make it an ever-new and ever-relevant story for our students.

Spiritual Formation

Students Retreat Days include:

  • Year 8: Social Justice
  • Year 9: Eco-spirituality
  • Year 10: Personal Development
  • Year 11: Feminine Spirituality
  • Year 12: My Spiritual Journey


Other formation opportunities for students may include:

  • ACU Social Justice Days
  • Caritas Just Leadership Days
  • Powerhouse of Leaders Archdiocesan Event
  • Brigidine Justice and Democracy Forum in Melbourne annually

Spiritual Diversity

Our students are encouraged to extend their knowledge and understanding of other religious traditions and practices through:

  • Exposure to the Indigenous, Hindu, Islamic and Buddhist traditions – RE excursions and guest speakers for Study of Religion
  • Dance/drama/music/art always form a part of our liturgical celebrations
  • Symbols are widely used as ways of expressing relationship with the Divine as well as encouraging a hands-on approach

Prayer and Worship

The following comments are from some of our Year 11 Brigidine students:

“Prayer asks an unchanging God to change us to change the world.”

“Taking part in the Brigidine Masses and Liturgies makes me feel like I am an important part of the Brigidine community. I also feel closer to God and I enjoy listening to the Gospel and the hymns.”

“As a Catholic, I feel that the Masses and Liturgies at Brigidine College takes me back to my own Church in South Africa because there is the same connection with God, the Bible and the Gospel. It makes me feel like I am connected to other people around the world.”

The Brigidine Community gathers each year for these major events where we pray together:

  • Opening Mass
  • Commissioning of the School Leaders
  • Ash Wednesday Liturgy/Mass
  • Easter Liturgy of the Word
  • Bishop Daniel Delany Day Mass
  • Religious Education Class Masses
  • Awards and Acknowledgement Liturgy Celebration
  • Graduation Mass
  • House Liturgies/Masses
  • Christmas Liturgy of the Word

Drawing on the Tradition

  • College Student Planner contains the words to traditional prayers and hymns
  • Sacred spaces in each Home Room for daily student prayer and reflection
  • Class roster for Assembly prayer and preparation
  • Roster for staff prayer and reflection
  • Prayer in school newsletter

Nurturing Prayer Life

  • Daily prayer in Home Room – smaller ‘family’ groups with indoor sacred spaces
  • Culture and climate of school created by outdoor ‘sacred places’ – Holy Lawn, grotto in Soubirous Place; water features, quiet places for reflection

Developing and promoting skills in liturgy

  • Liturgy Captain as part of the Student Leadership Team
  • Active participation of students in Liturgy Committee
  • Skills developed at all retreats but especially in Year 8 as a foundation year at high school
  • All students are encouraged to participate in celebration with the Power point presentations
  • The physical environment of Kildare Hall means the entire school can celebrate together – constantly changing use of space to maximise participation

Celebrating Sacraments

  • Many opportunities for Eucharistic celebrations
  • The College Chaplain supports students (and staff) in preparation for the sacraments