At Brigidine we don’t just leave the holistic development of young women to chance.

Brigidine College provides specific opportunities that enhance their understanding of the world, helping them to ask important questions of themselves and others, to trust their natural instincts, and to form a character and values that will guide them through life.


  • Our curriculum is developed within a framework of values and practices that are consistent with the gospel teachings of Jesus.
  • Prayer and worship are a priority within the College timetable. Students actively participate in liturgical experiences and sacraments.
  • Religious Education programs are linked to student’s life experiences.
  • Indigenous, Hindu, Islamic and Buddhist traditions are also studied, as well as excursions and guest speakers for Study of Religion, so our girls have a broad view of religion and the tenant: Do Unto Others.

Leadership Development

Brigidine College provides many avenues for students to experience and exhibit female leadership. For Senior students, Brigidine has a College Captain, Mission Captain, Arts Captain, Sports Captain and House Prefects. Additionally, there are Captains for various cocurricular disciplines, as well as academic ambassadors.

Our Year 11 Peer Mentors and Year 9 Middle School Leaders are responsible for various activities and functions, including acting as hosts for College events. All students have a voice in their school through the Student groups. They can be a part of various committees in the areas of Liturgy, Justice and Democracy, Spirit, and the Arts.

Formation Programs

Each year, students participate in Solas Bhride (Light of St Brigid) formation (wellbeing) and development programs that, perhaps more than anything else, shape who students become and what they are capable of in the future.

In Year 7, students learn about the importance of belonging, making friends and how to be a good friend. They also cover personal and online safety.

In Year 8, students learn about ‘Grit’ and how it leads to learning, improving and thriving. They get to explore their character strengths, set goals, understand habits and the vital role failure plays in resilience, challenge and success.

In Year 9, students explore self-worth, belonging, their sense of purpose and mental health, and learn strategies around these issues.

In Year 10, they explore their strengths, weaknesses and interests that will contribute to both their future pathways and their own identity. They also address many personal issues and understand the workforce.

In Year 11, the program covers key aspects of time management, planning, pressure and balance that are at the core of a successful adaption to senior learning.

The final year’s program is all about shaping women who will make a difference in the world as self-confident, flexible and compassionate adults. It helps them with the challenges of Year 12 and life beyond school and includes personal responsibility, leadership, mindfulness and other valuable life skills.

By blending the practical and the spiritual, our young women grow in faith and have the confidence and skills to lead, and the knowledge and abilities to live a well-balanced and highly functioning life that is focused outwards. Through these and many more we help shape our young women into the women they long to be.

This is how we Shape Women