Living the Gospel

  • The Cycle of the Liturgical Year is embedded in the College calendar; the natural rhythm of the school is synchronized with “celebrating the Good News” and reflects gospel practices and processes.
  • Our Opening Mass begins the year with an outward focus on welcome and hospitality just before Ash Wednesday re-focuses our community on others through Project Compassion – a call for us to live out the Gospel values.
  • At the end of Term 1, we conduct our Easter Liturgy – it is a solemn, dignified liturgy which seeks to relate Christ’s passion to the issues facing our world today.
  • Advent sees the community preparing similarly and incorporating the Good News of the Jesus story into our community in a way that will make it an ever-new and ever-relevant story for our students.

Spiritual Formation

Students Retreat Days include:

Year 8: Social Justice

Year 9: Eco-spirituality

Year 10: Personal Development

Year 11: Feminine Spirituality

Year 12: My Spiritual Journey

Other formation opportunities for students may include:

  • ACU Social Justice Days
  • Caritas Just Leadership Days
  • Powerhouse of Leaders Archdiocesan Event
  • Brigidine Justice and Democracy Forum in Melbourne annually

Spiritual Diversity

Our students are encouraged to extend their knowledge and understanding of other religious traditions and practices through:

  • exposure to the Indigenous, Hindu, Islamic & Buddhist traditions- RE excursions and guest speakers for Study of Religion
  • dance/drama/music/art always form a part of our liturgical celebrations
  • symbols are widely used as ways of expressing relationship with the Divine as well as encouraging a hands on approach