Action for Justice

  • Students are active in the St Vincent de Paul Committee and Interact
  • The College’s Justice and Democracy Forum (J and D). The Forum is a way to explore what a just and free world means. At J and D meetings, held on Fridays at lunchtimes, there is time to reflect together about a passage of Scripture or another piece of reading that helps to inspire us.  We think about issues in our lives that we have encountered or are experiencing now that teach us about justice and democracy.  We share our experiences and our ideas. We believe that we need to educate ourselves and others before we act. We make plans for things that we can do – either together or as an individual. Finally, we review to see how things have gone.

Indigenous Perspective

  • National Apology and Sorry Day services; Indigenous Garden Project and Reconciliation Pole
  • Activities Week – Harmony Day; Naidoc Week activities
  • Scholarships; support through Homework Club
  • Indigenous Spirituality
  • Reconciliation Action Plan – drafted

Multicultural/Refugee Perspective

  • On-going friendship with Milpera SHS
  • Students hosting and attending International Women’s  Day
  • Campaigns like “End the Silence”

Praying for Peace

How we treat each other and the earth are tightly interwoven into the fabric of the Brigidine charism.  Each year the College has a theme around which to focus our actions or campaigns.  The most recent theme was created by Year 9 student, Morgan: “It doesn’t matter if you are black or white, it only matters if you have a multi-coloured heart.”

“We hear about world conflicts every day” Mr Andrew Beiers, Deputy Principal Mission said. “There is a groundswell among young people to create awareness to bring change to our world; to bring PEACE.  The International Day of Prayer for Peace is held annually on 21 September but we can all be the change we want to see in the world every day by our actions.  Brigidine students are keen to become peacemakers in our own community in the hope of bringing peace in the world.”



Nurturing Young Women of Strength and Gentleness

Some of our students’ responses to “What does Strength and Gentleness mean to you?”

“Being a strong and gentle woman means to handle negative situations in a dignified and thoughtful way.  It means to reflect a calm mind and spirit and to be careful and thoughtful in one’s treatment of others.  It means to have the confidence to stand for what one believes in.” MW Year 11

“Strength is to be able to carry on when something is difficult and always work your hardest. Gentleness is to be kind and caring to everyone and to lend a hand when someone needs it.” KV Year 8

“To be strong and gentle means to be a balanced female.  It is like the yin and yang. In this chaotic modern life it is very hard to find balance. Nature is all about balance, yet humans cause an imbalance, like global warming. To be strong and gentle is to be balanced – you can’t be too gentle so that you let others control you and yet you can’t be too strong either, or you will become a controlling insensitive person. “   SB Year 9

Brigid’s Women

Brigidine College continues to grow strong resilient women beyond high school. A group was formed in 2012 by ten graduate students.  The group has grown since then and it meets regularly to continue ‘the work of St Brigid’ in their adult lives. Particular initiatives include guest speakers, working with the homeless and raising awareness about refugees. Contact Mr Beiers, Deputy Principal Mission on 3002 0619.