Pastoral Care is the total climate of care which exists in the College.  Its aim is to reflect the Catholic values of the community where individuals care for and respect one another.  It includes a structure where teachers and other professionals are responsible for the emotional and spiritual well-being of individual children and where strong relationships are established between teachers and the students and their families.

Brigidine College is committed to ensuring students’ sense of belonging.  A sense of belonging is essential in order to reach individual full potential academically, intellectually, physically, spiritually, emotionally and in faith development.  Within the Pastoral Care program, this educative process is enhanced through a variety of programs throughout each year.  See Program section for full details.


There are many forms of formal support available at Brigidine College that students and parents are welcome to access any time at all with regard to any aspect of College life:

  • Home Room Teacher
  • Pastoral Leaders
  • Program Leader Learning Enhancement
  • College Counsellor and Careers Counsellor
  • Curriculum Leaders

The Principal is always available for interviews with parents.  Parents are advised, however, that it is necessary to make an appointment and this is done by contacting the Principal’s PA.  Families would realise that many of the queries and concerns are best handled in the first instance by other staff, as indicated above.