Pastoral Care Program

Year 7

With the changes introduced by the Queensland State Government a number of years ago, the Year 7 students of 2015 were part of history as the first Year 7s at Brigidine College.  The program for our year 7’s is outlined to parents during the Orientation Process.  The focus is on the girls successful transition to the high school setting.  To facilitate this a Twilight Retreat and an Induction Program is in place. Before the Easter break, Year 7 camp takes place at Maranatha. Any questions can be directed to the College’s Deputy Principal, Ms Wedge, on 300 20615 or

Year 8

This program is designed to welcome students into the Brigidine College community.  The students will be guided through College procedures as they settle into the daily routine and develop their sense of belonging. New and established friendships are an important focus for Year 8 students and opportunities to explore this further exist when they participate in the Year 8 Twilight Retreat, Induction Afternoon and Year 8 Camp.
Throughout this program, we also explore resilience, self-worth and positive self-talk.  For this generation Cyber Safety can be of great concern.  Our students examine issues such as unwanted contact, cyber bullying and digital footprint.  This is an important age as girls continue to develop both physically and emotionally.  We identify ways of being healthy and staying healthy, as well as discuss myths and facts about puberty.

Year 9

As Year 9 is a year where the girls are still negotiating their physical and emotional development, there are issues of relationships with their peers as well as pressure from society to look and act a certain way. In recent years, this has been exacerbated by the digital, social networking technology.
The program is designed to incorporate lessons that give information about these issues as well as allowing students to work in groups and discuss their ideas about friendship, conflict resolution, body image and defining and dealing with bullying.

Year 10

Year 10 at Brigidine College is an important year in the Pastoral Care Program as the students prepare for their final phase of education in the Middle School. Throughout the first semester, the girls undertake many activities that highlight to them their own strengths, weaknesses and personal attributes that will contribute to their future pathways. They investigate the world of work, jobs they are possibly most suited to, how to find and prepare for employment opportunities as well as their rights as employees within the workforce.
In the second semester, the girls continue with this work by completing their SET plans, finalising their pathways for Years 11 and 12 through the subject selection process before applying all that they have learned as part of a simulation project known as the ‘Be Real Game.” Finally, the Year 10 students will move away from future pathways and careers to discuss more personal issues such as the importance of Communication in Relationships, Gender Issues, Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships, Sexual Choice and Consequences and also Teenage Parenting.

 Year 11

The transition to the Senior School is often a time of increased pressure both academically and socially for young women. The Pastoral Care program in Year 11 looks to address many of the concerns that are at the core of the development of the girls. It looks to guide them towards growing into young women able to negotiate successfully the increasing demands of Senior Education. The program covers many of the key aspects of Time Management and Planning that are at the core of a successful adaption to senior learning. The importance of Balance in a young person’s life is valued and this is placed alongside other aspects such as Planning for the Future through exploring options in Further Education.
Leadership is also another key area that is addressed given that the students will, at the end of the year, take on the senior position in the school and the corresponding responsibilities that go along with this. The major emphasis of the program is placed on the holistic education of the students; in helping them to see their place in the school and ultimately, the wider community.

Year 12

The Year 12 Pastoral Care Program reflects the College’s aim to educate young women who “will make a difference in the world as self-confident, flexible and compassionate adults.” The program is designed to promote the well-being of students in their final year of high school studies, a time which can be stressful and challenging. It is delivered in timetabled double lessons each week and complements the other pastoral practices embedded in the College’s curriculum. The lessons are designed to reinforce the study skills taught in earlier years and there are specific sessions on preparation for the QCS tests in order to enable each student to achieve her best academic results. Personal development continues through the practice of leadership within the College and opportunities to acquire skills needed throughout life. Guest speakers inform the students on important issues relevant to their lives and to the transition they will make on graduation from the College. The students are encouraged to reflect on their lives and to critique the values presented to them by contemporary society.


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