The College provides many opportunities for students to experience and exhibit leadership.

Brigidine has a College Captain, Mission Captain, Arts Captain, a Sports’ Captain and House Prefects. Additionally, there are Captains for the various cocurricular disciplines as well as academic ambassadors.

Leadership is a particular responsibility of all Senior students. However, Middle Leader positions were introduced in 2014. These Year 9 students assume the responsibility for various activities and functions, including acting as hosts for College events.

All students have a voice in their school through the Student Council. The Council is elected each term and liaises with the College Captains regarding student activities and suggestions. Shared responsibility is a natural part of life for Brigidine students.

Brigidine also has Committees which are active in areas such as:

  • Liturgy
  • Justice and Democracy
  • Spirit
  • Art

Cocurricular Committees provide our students with new skills and a wealth of learning experiences to broaden their horizons.