Social Justice is what makes Brigidine College.

It is rare for a school to incorporate into its schedule, the time for students to pursue social justice activities that help adolescents discover a stirring sense of purpose beyond their self-interest.

Our students get to be one with Jesus’ kindness and compassion, through social justice initiatives that enable them to live their faith, be kind and compassionate, and serve others.

These include:

  • Justice and Democracy. At weekly forums students get to explore what a just and free world means, reflect on scriptures and experiences and make plans for things that they can do together or as an individual. Beyond high school, past pupils can continue their connection through the group, Brigid’s Women, which helps homeless people in Brisbane and refugees. They can also attend the Brigidine Justice and Democracy Forum in Melbourne annually.
  • Brigidine College’s St Vincent de Paul Committee meets fortnightly and raises funds to primarily support the Inala St Vincent de Paul Family Day Centre.
  • Indigenous Education Program. Year 12 students are involved in mentoring and tutoring Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander Brigidine students at Homework Club.
  • Community Service: Year 10 students engage in community service. Some of the placements for this include Milpera, Holy Rosary, Greening Australia and The Romero Centre.
  • Homeless Connect: Senior students can participate in Homeless Connect, auspiced by the Brisbane City Council on two dates during the year.
  • Other justice-related initiatives include Domestic Violence Awareness Day, Spirit Squad, Sorry Day and a number of other awareness driving campaigns.

Through all these activities, students find a cause that has meaning to them and they understand the spiritual rewards/engagement that come from volunteering and helping others.

It is one of the aspects of Brigidine that enlivens our spirit and makes our College so special.

Importantly, the students embrace social justice and service activities while still managing to achieve amazing academic results and contribute to school life in other ways.

One of the greatest benefits of this is that our young women learn to live well-balanced lives while at school, paving the way for them to live a full and meaningful life beyond school, that is high-performing and giving.


This generosity of spirit – this caring about others and about the proposition that we are all created equal – is the single most effective antidote to the self-centred moral numbness that allows fascism to thrive.

Madeleine K. Albright


Other Social Action and Justice Activities

Praying for Peace

How we treat each other and the earth are tightly interwoven into the fabric of the Brigidine charisma. Each year the College has a theme around which to focus our actions or campaigns. The most recent theme was created by Year 9 student, Morgan: “It doesn’t matter if you are black or white, it only matters if you have a multi-coloured heart.”

“We hear about world conflicts every day” Mr Andrew Beiers, Deputy Principal Mission said. “There is a groundswell among young people to create awareness to bring change to our world; to bring PEACE. The International Day of Prayer for Peace is held annually on 21 September but we can all be the change we want to see in the world every day by our actions. Brigidine students are keen to become peacemakers in our own community in the hope of bringing peace in the world.”

Brigid’s Women

Brigidine College continues to grow strong resilient women beyond high school. A group was formed in 2012 by ten graduate students. The group has grown since then and it meets regularly to continue ‘the work of St Brigid’ in their adult lives. Particular initiatives include guest speakers, working with the homeless and raising awareness about refugees.

Contact: Mr Beiers, Deputy Principal Mission
Phone: (07) 3002 0619