Stationery Lists

2017 Stationery Lists

Online Stationery Orders can be made at

Online orders for 2017 are to be completed by Sunday 20 November 2016. Hard copy orders must be returned to Sequel by Friday 18 November 2016.

Please note the College Book Room does not carry stationery items.

Year 7 Stationery List

2017 Year 7 Stationery List

Year 8 Stationery List

2017 Year 8 Stationery List

Year 9 Stationery List

2017 Year 9 Stationery List

Year 10 Stationery List

2017 Year 10 Stationery List

Year 11 Stationery List

2017 Year 11 Stationery List

Year 12 Stationery List

2017 Year 12 Stationery List

AMENDMENTS (note added 21/11/16)


  • If you are purchasing new headphones, please purchase the below one rather than the one listed in the stationary list (SEQUEL are aware of this change for any online or over the counter orders). A single plug headphone is preferred rather than a twin plug. If you already have the twin plug you can purchase an adapter if needed during the year.
    • SH106m single plug in line microphone $14.25


  • Please ensure you purchase the micro SD card with an adapter (SEQUEL are supplying this for online or over the counter orders). This will enable it to fit any laptop.


Note to Year 10/11/12 students who are needing to purchase graphics calculator

All Year 10 students require a specific calculator for use in Maths in 2017, which they will retain for Year 11 & 12.

For Year 10 students and any Year 11 & 12 students who need to purchase this calculator, please note the following;

  • Graphics calculator $205 includes an optional wall socket charger for $10. The wall socket charger is not available at Office Works or Sequel.
  • This calculator can be purchased via the Abacus Calculators website Abacus Calculators Order 2017, with orders made no later than 20 November 2016.
  • The calculators can then be collected by students in 2017 from the Brigidine College Book Room.
    Any questions contact the Book Room on 07 3002 0625 or