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Scholarship and Sponsorship Funds

Brigidine College is proud of the academic achievements of its students and looks forward to being able to assist students, who whilst displaying academic gifts, may be unable to attend or continue at Brigidine College due to financial reasons. Therefore, a unique two-tiered system is in place to support academic excellence. These include:

  • Jan Neumann Academic Scholarship
  • Brigidine College Senior School Scholarship
  • Scolaire Educational Sponsorship

General Criteria

Eligible students should demonstrate:

  • A commitment to the pursuit of excellence reflected in the student’s dedication to achieve according to her potential
  • A commitment to the leadership role that is implicit for all Scholarship holders. This includes being a positive role model for younger students through a dedication to academic studies.
  • An understanding of the ambassadorial role of a Scholarship holder in representing the College
  • Support for all aspects of the Student Behaviour Code
  • Support for all aspects of College life
  • A commitment to the ethos of the College

Both Scholarship and Educational Sponsorship are provided at the discretion of the College Principal through the application of specific criteria.

Brigidine College Scholarships and Sponsorship Process and Timelines


Jan Neumann Academic Scholarship

Named after former Principal, Jan Neumann 2009-2012, the academic scholarship is an opportunity for new students entering in Year 7. The scholarship is provided to one student each year.

Specific Criteria

  • Be in Year 6, enrolled at Brigidine College for Year 7
  • Complete a College Scholarship Test or ACER Test (February, Year 6)
  • Present supporting documentation – Economic Means Test
  • Submit references from Primary School Principal, Parish Priest, teachers (two minimum)
  • Attend an Interview with the College Principal

Scholarship covers

  •  Tuition fees only for the duration of schooling at Brigidine College

Jan Neumann Scholarship Application Form 2018


brigidine college SENIOR school Scholarship

The Senior School Scholarship will be provided to students currently enrolled and completing their studies in the Brigidine College Middle School (Year 9) to be applied for their Senior years of study (Year 10 – 12).

These Senior School Scholarships are focused on the student’s academic learning and performance across the Middle Years (Year 7 – 9) in the areas of:

  • Science, Maths and Technologies
  • Humanities and The Arts

Specific Criteria

  • Be currently enrolled and have attended Brigidine College for Years 7 to 9
  • Sustained very high levels of achievement across:
    • Core areas of learning
    • Enrichment areas of learning
    • NAPLAN Years 7 and 9
  • Acknowledgement of Academic Excellence at the Awards and Acknowledgement Evening.
  • Submit an application by end of July when in Year 9.
  • Student’s written submission (250 words) on why they should be considered for this scholarship and how they will continue their commitment to their studies and be a positive model for others at the College. Further supporting documentation including certificates is recommended.
  • Parent letter of support.
  • Attend an interview with Principal and/or Deputy Principal Curriculum.

Scholarship covers

  • Full tuition fees for Years 10, 11 and 12

Brigidine College Senior School Scholarship Application Form



Scolaire Educational Sponsorship

The Brigidine College Scolaire Educational Sponsorship Fund has been made available through the generous support of a Brigidine family whose connections to the College date back to the early 1960s. It supports nominated current students from Year 7 and Year 12 to assist with College tuition fees. The College Principal may offer Educational Sponsorships to families through the application of the selection criteria below.


One Year 7 and one Year 12 student will be nominated each year. Students will be identified and selected by the College Principal. Sponsorships will be finalised by the conclusion of Term 1, each year. (The Year 12 nomination will cease in 2020)

Specific Criteria for Sponsorship

  • Applicants are Catholic
  • Provide supporting documentation as requested by the College
  • Attend an Interview with the College Principal

Scholarship covers

  • Assistance with tuition fees for the duration of schooling at Brigidine College