In recent years, the College has established a Bursary Fund to support the enrolment of new students (usually Year 7 entry) who would not otherwise be able to attend Brigidine College due to financial hardship.

The Bursary Fund has been widely supported by the parents through the Enrolment Application Fee, as well as general assistance by the College.

In the first instance, applicants must complete an enrolment application form and associated paperwork. If a position at the College is offered and accepted, then the Bursary application paperwork may be lodged with the Principal.

Bursaries are to be provided at the discretion of the College Principal through the application of specific criteria.

Specific Criteria for Bursary

  • Bursaries are available from Year 7 to Year 12
  • Supporting documentation – Economic Means Test
  • Supporting references from Primary School Principal, Parish Priest, Teacher
  • Attend an Interview with the Principal

Mission General Criteria

Students who apply for a bursary at Brigidine College must meet the clearly defined criteria. Student should demonstrate:

  • Commitment to the pursuit of excellence reflected in her dedication to achieve according to her potential
  • Commitment to the leadership role that is implicit for all Bursary holders. This includes being a positive role model for younger students.
  • Understanding of the ambassadorial role of a Bursary holder in representing the School
  • Support for all aspects of the Student Behaviour Code
  • Support for all aspects of College life
  • Commitment to the ethos of the School

Bursaries cover:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Uniforms (upon entry)
  • P&F Levy
  • Curriculum Levy
  • IT Levy
  • Capital Levy
  • Solas Bhride and Retreat Levies

Students offered a Bursary are asked to provide:

  • Stationery
  • Cocurricular costs
  • Additional Uniforms