The College will continue to deliver the academic curriculum in a ‘Learning at Home’ capacity, during the first 5 weeks of Term 2, due to COVID-19.

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How can I prepare for learning at home?

  • Students should have a dedicated space, which is quiet and free from distraction. Please refer to the Ergonomic Guidelines to ensure that your workstation is correctly set up.
    • Students should not be working from their bedroom, but understand this may not be possible if there are multiple people in the household working from home.
    • Ensure mobile phone does not distract your learning.
  • Students need to be prepared with all required materials for their lessons for the day.
  • Whilst online, students are required to wear Brigidine approved uniforms e.g. dress, sports uniform, jersey, hoodies, cocurricular shirts etc.
  • Students need to be mindful of the Acceptable Use of Devices information (p. 20 of the Student Planner).
    • Report any misuse of devices to the College and seek pastoral care where required.
    • Unacceptable use of devices may lead to criminal offences, which is outlined below.


How will I manage my daily learning?

  • Work will be provided for the week.
  • Students should check the following forms of communication daily for announcements and information from your teachers
    • SEQTA Online Lessons
    • Direqt Messages and Notices
    • Outlook E-mails – All notifications from Microsoft Teams will be sent directly to Outlook.
  • If your teacher is available at this time, they will ask you to join a forum, chat or a meeting (use headphone and microphone and always mute the microphone unless talking).
    • It is recommended that you also mute your video, unless you instructed to have your video on.
    • Students and their parents/guardians may choose not to use video due to privacy concerns.
  • If your teacher is not available during your lesson, they will have left you instructions about what to focus on.
  • Complete tasks to the best of your ability with integrity and academic honesty.
  • Take the opportunity to collaborate with other students in your class as part of your learning.
  • Ask questions if you don’t understand something
  • Be proactive in communicating with your teachers by Direqt Message if you are experiencing any difficulty or require additional support.
  • Communicate with specialist school staff, when the need arises.
  • Consider appropriate digital behaviours when you are online, by being –
    • respectful – write and talk as you would in your classroom
    • responsible – be digitally aware and
    • safe – protect your security, privacy and wellbeing.
  • Comply with the College policies regarding appropriate behaviour.

What will my daily timetable look like?

Students will work from their regular timetable, with slight changes to the times – Daily Plan.

  • Weekly work and guidelines will be given to students each week.
    • A Direqt Message will be sent to students and parent/guardians at the beginning of the week.
  • Students are expected to be online at the start of each Home Room and lesson during the day, unless a parent/guardian has contacted the College to indicate a student absence.
    • Depending on the work set for the lesson, students may not need to be online for the whole period.
  • Teachers will be online at scheduled Home Room and lesson to:
    • check in with students
    • set tasks and directions for learning
    • answer questions
    • provide further assistance / direction
    • be explicit about the learning
  • If a teacher is unavailable for a lesson due to absence, students will be notified and learning will continue with the tasks set for the week.

What will lessons look like while I am learning at home?

  • You will be attending all 6 lessons each day, where possible. Your teacher will be expecting you.
  • Lessons will continue for all subjects including Formation and Tutorials (Year 11 & 12).
    • Study lessons for Year 11 & 12 will not continue at this stage.
      • You will use this time for your normal study.
      • This may also be a good opportunity to meet with Ms Munro for Careers or to check in with Mr Crawford or Ms Dever if you have any questions.
  • Teachers will connect with students, only from the College endorsed platforms:
    • SEQTA – Direqt Message and Forums
    • Microsoft Office – Outlook, Team Chat, Team Meetings
    • Google – Meet
  • Work and direction for students will be available in SEQTA and resources will be available from a range of platforms including Class OneNotes, Textbooks, Worksheets, Media files, Education Perfect, websites etc
  • The College recommends students not to use video in class and Home Room meetings, unless requested to have by the teacher. Teachers may encourage this at the start of lessons. Always have audio set to be available.
    • If students or parents/guardians would prefer not to use video at any time, teachers will understand the reasons.
    • If students are having difficulty with internet connections, it would be recommended to switch off video, due to the amount of data and bandwidth that video can take up.
  • Tips for Learning at Home
  • If there is a reason that you are unavailable for any lesson, ensure that you let your teacher know via DM. Your parents have also been asked to contact St Brigid’s.
  • If you need to be absent for a whole day, please remind your parents to contact St Brigid’s to let them know you will be absent from lessons for the day.

What assessment will I have while learning at home?

Years 7 – 10

During the ‘Learning at Home’ period, formative assessment tasks will be adjusted to manage for the changes to the learning environment, for students in Year 7 -10.

Learning tasks and formative learning experiences will be provided for students to assist teachers to collect evidence and provide feedback on student progress to parents/guardians and students.

There are many ways teachers will use formative assessment to gather evidence for students, for example –

  • Folios – which include a range of tasks from across the term
  • Extended writing tasks to identify deeper understandings
  • Open Book Tests to be reviewed by students and teachers
  • Mini quizzes – Forms, Education Perfect etc

Teachers will provide checkpoints for students during the week or fortnight. Teachers will collate this data throughout the ‘Learning at Home’ time.

Years 11 - 12

Students will continue with assessment requirements, as advised by QCAA.

All students will have reduced assessment during this time.

Teachers and Curriculum Middle Leaders will advise how this will be managed for individual subjects.

What resources can I access to assist my learning or to extend my learning?

You can access resources to:

  • extend your learning
  • access how-to instructions

Academic Challenges

If you would like to test your skills out with an Academic Challenge check the Academic Challenges in the SEQTA Portal.

Physical Challenges

If you would like to test your skills out with a Physical Challenge check the Physical Challenges in the SEQTA Portal.

Creative Challenges

If you would like to test your skills out with a Creative Challenge check the Creative Challenges in the SEQTA Portal.