New STEM Building

Through the great work of our College Board and the appointment of architects Blight Rayner, Brigidine College announced the approval of a multilevel STEM building.  After careful planning and construction throughout 2019, we are delighted to share that the Marian Centre has been completed.

An official opening date will be advertised soon!

The Marian Centre will be the epicentre of learning for the Mathematics, Sciences and Technologies and will entrench STEM learning well into the future.

It will follow in the Spirituality of Mary, where a young woman’s spirit for learning will be enlivened by our faith tradition and connections with our God.  The Spirituality of Mary is:

A woman of faith and servant of the Lord
She embarks on a journey that involves light and darkness
A contemplative united to the Spirit and to her Son
She is one of the anawtm in solidarity with all peoples
A la mujer para los demas (a woman for others) in the felicitous phrase of Father Jesus.