Student Leaders for 2020

2020 Student Leaders
College CaptainAbbey CookCH4
Mission CaptainSophie FoleyFO6
Arts CaptainJessica ParcellMK2
Sports CaptainEmma CrowhurstCH4

House Prefects for 2020

ChanelDamienDelanyDe PorresFoleyMacKillop
Grace El-Khoury CH5Lilya Boundy DM3Phoebe Barac DE5Jemma Bosch DP2Laura Bryan FO2Chelsea Hutley MK2
Lydia Haileslassie CH6Olivia Clark DM4Stella Wheatley DE1Olivia Bosci DP1Hayley Pearl FO1Sophie Tennant MK1

Academic Ambassadors

  • Lily Conole MK4
  • Isabella (Bella) Lazorka CH3

Mission Ambassadors

  • Katherine Harrison CH6
  • Priya Mahabeer FO6

Arts Ambassadors

  • Laura McKinnon DE2
  • Savannah Wirtz-Fielding FO5

Sporting Ambassadors

  • Isabel McWhirter CH4
  • Abbey Moran DP4

Year 12 Learning Mentors – a positive dialogue

Each year, all Senior students participate in the Learning Mentor Program. Students value having the opportunity to share with a senior staff member the goals and progress of their Senior Learning Journey. This program enables our Seniors to remain focused in their academic lives. It reflects the old saying “some people succeed because they are destined to, but most people succeed because they are determined to!”

QCE and QTAC Information

For details of tertiary courses and tertiary institution requirements, click here for the QTAC website.

Click here for QCCA information on the Senior Schooling qualification, eligibility, credits and standards.

Career Information

Students can contact:

Mrs Tania Munro at St Brigid’s Student Services
or via email:

Year 11 and 12 2019-2020 Curriculum Guide


Year 11 and 12 2018–2019 Subject Selection Booklet


Year 12 Stationery List 2020