Principal’s Update

As we gather in your name
Open our minds to know your voice
Open our hands to do your work
And open our hearts to hold your spirit
We pray that God’s grace, mercy and peace,
Bless us, keep us and transform us all


It is with gratitude that many of our community feel to not only be provided with opportunities to enrich their lives, but also hopefully with those we encounter. Through the gospel reading from Luke, we were also reminded the “Ten were cleansed, were they not? Where were the other nine? Has none but this foreigner returned to give thanks to God?” (Luke 17:19)

Only this one leper, the one who returned with a grateful heart, heard our Lord speak these words: “Your faith has served you.” Gratitude to our God is not only our duty, but that it also brings forth manifest blessings in our lives. When we sincerely offer thanks to God for all that has been done, we are manifesting great faith in God as a result. We are pointing to God and this goodness as the source of our blessings and it takes faith to see and profess it.

If we accept that everything in life is a gift, even the struggles we endure, then these can be turned into blessings. As the gospel identifies, even the difficulties we encounter each day, can be turned into opportunities as a grace from God. I pray that all the countless opportunities presented, are ways God graces our lives. Let us all ponder these blessings and be grateful. And from that gratitude, return a joyful thanks to God.

Awards and Acknowledgement Evening – ‘Celebrating our Brigidine Women’

With the College preparing for the Awards and Acknowledgement Evening (AAE) due to be held next Thursday evening, I am grateful to everyone assisting with the changed arrangements. The challenges of Covid safety as well as still celebrating the wonderful achievements of students, has meant many changes to our normal event. Thank you to our families, staff and students for your ongoing support. The AAE is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the efforts, achievements and spirit of our College Community. I look forward to sharing with guest speaker Georgie Tunny (past student 2008) the rich Brigidine welcome and inclusive spirit.

At Brigidine College we strive for our students to do well in balancing challenge with success and keep a breadth of learning that will help them in the world ahead. Whether a student achieves their “personal best” and or demonstrates the greatest amount of growth and achievement, we encourage and celebrate all students as they “grow as people, broaden their thinking” and take their place in the world.

Congratulations to our Senior Year 12 students for their tremendous spirit and enthusiasm, as they have entered the final few days prior to exams. While I’m sure there are some anxious minds busily preparing for their final pieces of assessment, the College is extremely proud of what they have brought to 2020, their achievements and the mature ways they have approached their studies. Their exemplary approach to the Masterclasses and in engaging with revision tasks, have provided a clear readiness to display their knowledge and understandings.

I wish every success to our young women and look forward to engaging with them and their families at their Graduation on 19 November.

Blessings of St Brigid.

Brendan Cahill

Spirit Squad Fundraiser

On Friday 18 September, the Brigidine Spirit Squad held their annual fundraiser ‘Carnival for a Cause’ which raised awareness and funds for Ovarian and Breast Cancer research. Throughout the day, students wore free-dress for both Mission Day and the Carnival for a Cause, and were encouraged to donate a gold-coin donation. At the Carnival, there were many fun activities including side-show alley and a movie night where everyone watched ‘Tangled’. Fortunately, Dippin Dots came along to the event, generously donating $1 for every item sold. Funds were also raised through purchasing merchandise (t-shirts and totes), as well as entry ticket show bags and raffle tickets. Furthermore, guest speaker Liz Illidge from the National Breast Cancer Foundation spoke to the students about their work, and how fundraisers like Carnival for a Cause support research and improve the lives of women across Australia. Despite the rain, Carnival for a Cause was a fantastic way to have some fun with friends and contribute to a worthy cause.

Deputy Principal Students Update 

Congratulations to the incoming Captains, Ambassadors and Prefects. These student leaders were commissioned at the beginning of Term 4 and have begun leading, guided by the Year 12 student leaders over the past few weeks. The mentoring program of incoming leaders officially begins today with leadership training with both Year 11 and 12 student leaders.

Continuing with our recent focus on the significance of friendships in the life of an adolescent, making friends can be easier with a confident mindset and social emotional intelligence. The following article provides some practical ways to help your child make friends through high school – access here.

Exams are currently a focus for our Year 12 students. Beyond Blue have published excellent materials to inform families about how they can support their child through any challenging exam period – access here.

Year 7

In Term 4, students will concentrate on two areas. Firstly, they will finish the unit on “Healthy Relationships”. At the end of Term 3, Year 7s had a wonderful opportunity to spend time with our College Peer Mentors discussing both relationship challenges at school and the value of friendships. Year 7s will complete the unit by looking at conflict in friendships and learning how to respond in positive ways. Students will then complete a short unit called “Responding to Challenges”. Here, the idea of growth mindset will be explored with a focus not only on learning, but also in life.

Ben Wilson
Program Leader Year 7 Formation Program

Year 8

Year 8 will explore the skills of a good leader: service of others, collaboration, creative and critical thinking, confidence, effective communication, and visioning. While not every student aspires to take on a formal leadership position, these attributes are skills for a fulfilling life! Students will engage in group challenges, learn about different personality types and how these may impact collaborative efforts. They will also create a vision board –a visual way of expressing personal goals and beliefs. This can be used as a motivator or reminder of their purpose and direction in life.

Allison Power
Program Leader Year 8 Formation

Year 9

Students will reflect on their journey through the Middle School and use these experiences to guide them in their transition to Senior School. They will also engage in The Big Sister Program which is an opportunity to mentor, lead and guide Year 7 students as they transition to the College. This is a privileged role to develop a legacy of hospitality, a core value of the College. In Week 4 students will embark on their Solas Bhride to Camp Cooby where they will undertake a range of adventure-based activities that seek to enhance their development of grit, mental toughness and resilience. Please check your email for details for the Solas Bhride, including what to bring and medical information.

Tamara Haydock
Program Leader Year 9 Formation

Year 10

During adolescence, it is sometimes found that students become aware of and potentially begin to encounter the use of drugs and alcohol. In Term 4, Year 10s will explore societal issues, such as alcohol, drugs, partying and drink driving, in a supportive and educational way that encourages an informed and mature response. Through understanding the effect and impact drugs and alcohol use can have on an individual, students will be provided with the knowledge to make informed choices, in addition to practical ways of managing peer pressure related to these substances.

Shannon Metzeling
Program Leader Year 10 Formation

Year 11

Students will have the opportunity to develop the skill of self-compassion and a sense of hope and purpose. More so than ever, 2020 has challenged our young people’s resilience. The students will learn that the practice of self-compassion generates positive emotions and enables us to face fear with greater strength, and problem solve more creatively. This overall lowers rates of anxiety and self-criticism. The Term is launched via a webinar from the HopeFULL Institute in Melbourne. This webinar helps students to understand the value of commitment and how this leads to success and a clear vision of hope for the future.

Liz McAnally
Program Leader Year 11 Formation

Year 12

Year 12 students have successfully completed their Formation unit for Term 4. Students explored the link between courage and vulnerability – having the courage to follow through when challenges emerge. The benefits of embracing vulnerability were explored through reflection and developing self-awareness. Lastly, students practiced gratitude through expressing what they are grateful about as they progress to Graduation.

Lisa Kelly-Crawford
Program Leader Year 12 Formation (Acting)

Health & Physical Education News

The Power of Dodge Ball?

Everyone knows that to play dodge ball you must be able to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge! At Brigidine you must also be able to work cooperatively, be inclusive (playing with students from every year level), act kindly, learn to laugh, run around until you get hot and sweaty and generally have fun.

Lunchtime dodge ball games (played as part of our active play program) have come to represent the importance of being active in the educational setting. It has also become a place where all are welcome and which year 7 students have made their own. Look at all those happy faces in the photo.

Here are some reflections from some of our regular dodge ball devotees:

“I have made friends from other year levels at lunchtime play” Sienna

“I like playing dodge ball as it relieves stress and it is a fun get-a way from normal class work” Evie.

Diana Chambers
Health & Physical Education Curriculum Leader

Technologies Update

In Term 3, the Year 9 Digital Design class was given the opportunity to design and create working models of a bridge that would suit the environment of the Meghna River in Bangladesh. After being split into two teams, we proceeded to brainstorm and design a bridge that would open for boats to pass underneath, whilst foot and vehicle traffic were prevented from passing. With the introduction of the new Marian Centre, we were able to take advantage of the new design and technology rooms and equipment. Using the laser cutter, 3D printer and coding, each team was able to create their bridge in just over eight weeks and present it to the rest of the class. I think I can speak for everyone in saying we thoroughly enjoyed our task this term. As one team created a Bascule bridge, the other constructed a Tilt bridge, resulting in completely different, but equally innovative designs. Without much experience in using the laser cutter, 3D printer and even coding, countless mistakes were made, though most were accompanied by laughter and a fierce determination to try again. By the end of the term, we were all so much more experienced in using these new techniques and equipment. This task gave us an opportunity to work together with our classmates to create something tangible and applicable to real-life situations.

Sophie McLeod
Year 9 Design and Digital Solutions student

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