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In the work of our Hands, in the desires of the heart

May the God of Creation, draw us more deeply into our own life.

May we give ourselves; our skill, our art, our vision, our life,

To the finding of treasure and to the fashioning of it.

May the Holy One who never ceases to practice the art of creating,

Keep us ever at the edge of our skills, our habits, our vision,

That we may never grow so content in our work, in our creating,

That we miss the God who is ever about to do a new thing.

Cf Jan Richardson; The Sanctuary of Women


Over recent weeks I have been interviewing many students in Years 9, 10 and 11 regarding academic scholarships, SET Plans and Leadership.  It has been truly remarkable to share in the thoughts and ideas of our amazingly positive and aspirational young women.

One of the key discussions and explorations has been the ways students engaged in Learning from Home and when returning to school, how their ways of learning might have changed. Interestingly, many students identified that for a short period of time (5 weeks) they were able to access, focus and structure their learning effectively at their own pace.  It was as if they were more able to ‘be in charge of their learning.’ So, whilst the digital means provided the access and engagement, the pace and depth of learning competed with the pace of how rich understandings could be found.

Brigidine College has over recent times been at the forefront of digital learning across the curriculum, through infrastructure changes, devices, embedded digital pedagogies and skills, these have certainly promoted relevance and immediacy. The blurring of lines with learning from home and at school, has provided time to consider digitalism skillsets which might also reinvigorate curiosity and wonder. Croft, A (2011, p.7) suggests ‘children actively explore other environments with encouragement and support from adults, constructing meaning in context.’ There is much to consider as schools enjoy unprecedented connections with learning, balanced with the depth of effective understandings.

With students and teachers ready to use digital tools to be in control and structure their own learning capabilities, I also am mindful that we do not discontinue strong practices that lead to deep comprehension. Pre-digital skills such a reading and handwriting also provide opportunities for our minds to ponder, to reflect and to also articulate ideas that can have a profound impact on our engagement. Class writing notes allow our minds to process and critically reflect on information and as Bruce Addison (2020) suggests, ‘writing by hand is slower and at time cumbersome but provides further access to synthesis and summarising skills.’

Students and teachers at Brigidine have proved to be wonderful agents of change and models of resilience over recent months and I know that we will continue to engage in digital spaces, built from effective models of learning across millennia.

College Captains 2021 Announcement

College Captain 
Abbey Cook – 2020
Isabel Scott- 2021

Mission Captain
Sophie Foley – 2020
Zoe Tsibogiannis – 2021

Arts Captain   
Jessica Parcell – 2020
Alice Keys – 2021

Sports Captain
Emma Crowhurst – 2020
Zaria Fetineiai – 2021

Cultural News

All Cultural groups have continued rehearsing and engaging in a range of online activities over the past few months during the COVID-19 shut down. With the return to school, the groups and ensembles have met in readiness for the ‘The Show must Go On’ Arts Event on tomorrow on The Curragh. All cocurricular arts groups will be performing to a restricted (Covid-19 friendly) family audience.

CaSSSA Cup Cross Country Carnival        

Congratulations to the Cross-Country Squad who represented the College with distinction last Monday. The College was very proud of their efforts as they finished fifth overall and were placed fourth in the percentage cup. I would also like to acknowledge the time and commitment to our College by Laura David (Sports Director) and her team of coaches and officials, who supported and guided our athletes to their personal best.

God Bless,

Brendan Cahill

Mackillop Update

Term 3 has been a big one for Mackillop! First, was Brigidine Day where we went dancing ‘through the decades.’ We would like to congratulate everyone for doing such an amazing job that day and acknowledge all of the students that choreographed our incredible dances. As our first major event as a House for 2020, it was so good to see how everyone got involved with such passion and enthusiasm! Shortly following this was Mackillop Patron Day where we came together as a community to celebrate Mary Mackillop’s legacy in mass and activities on the Curragh. The homerooms did a great job at organising the festivities and made the day one to remember for its fun atmosphere and energy. Most recently we have participated in the Interhouse Dodgeball Competition which gave us an opportunity to show off the great sporting talent we have in our House! For the rest of 2020, we look forward to continuing to walk in solidarity and focus on justice in our actions. We are excited to see the new generation of Mackillop leaders in our Year 11s as they continue through the captaincy processes and to launch a new climate change initiative.

Sophie Mulherin & Claudia Maher

Father’s Day Stall

The Year 9 Enterprise Education Father’s Day stalls are now open and ready for your orders on My Monitor. There are a range of exciting hampers to choose from – all priced at $15! So, get in quick to buy a lovely gift (there are also hampers for your grandfather). To access the hampers for sale, go to:

  1. My Monitor
  2. Brigidine Online Ordering
  3. Bizfest
  4. Select Father’s Day
  5. Ensure when you order that the name of the person picking up the order during Week 8 is visible and include their Home Room.


Technologies Update

It is full steam ahead for the Technologies department as we progress through Term 3.

Our Year 7 Design and Digital Technologies students have started their semester course by exploring the world of artificial intelligence, and designing and producing personalised jewellery utilising the laser cutter in the Marian Centre Design Studio. Our Year 10 Food and Textiles Technology students have loved using the ‘embrilliance’ technology program to design logos then create hoodies with their logo on. Year 10 Enterprise Education students have been developing their understanding of the Australian Legal system – they have enjoyed developing trioramas depicting the levels of government, and debating the mock bill ‘Should school hours be extended to 5:30pm’. We definitely have some future politicians and lawyers amongst us!

Technologies students are engaged also in a range of extension opportunities. Our Design and Digital Technologies students will be completing the Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge this term. Business and Enterprise Education students are currently competing in the Suncorp Bank ESSI Money Challenge. Year 12 Accounting students will be completing the BEAQ Accounting Challenge in week 10. Year 11 and 12 Design student have the opportunity to be involved in  ‘Creative Generation: Design’ – a QAGOMA Learning pilot program that seeks to engage senior secondary students in the collaborative process of exhibition design. Congratulations to all students who have challenged themselves by taking up these opportunities.

Domenica Strachan
Curriculum Leader Humanities

Mellisa White
Curriculum Leader Technologies


Year 11 Geography Field Trip

Working with Mellina Sloan from the Faculty of Planning at QUT, students gained valuable insight into the influence Planners have on the way spaces are configured. Working within Brisbane’s Cathedral Square, students were challenged to sit quietly in an outdoor space to identify ways to improve the space. Gaining an appreciation of how a small area in a busy section of the city can be valuable spaces for both residents and tourist.

Reading for Context

We all know the power of an excellent book to invigorate our imagination and build language and writing skills. For Humanities, reading, be it fiction or non-fiction can be beneficial in increasing empathy and provide an avenue to decode our past, present, and future. The following images offer a snapshot of the variety of reading material currently available in our Tullow Centre. If any of the following books have sparked your interest, click on the following link for a complete list of books mentioned. Please see our Tullow Centre staff members or search through Oliver for the complete listing of reading material available to support your Humanities learning.

Science Week News 

Throughout Science week there were many fun activities for students and teachers to enjoy. As a science representative, I assisted in a few of the activities so the school cohort could experience a world of science. My personal favourite was the wildlife shows on Tuesday and Thursday as I was able to interact with animals ranging from lizards to the fluffy wombat known as Bumpy. I learned a lot about snakes – specifically pythons – as I am genuinely interested in the species.

Perrinne Hamilton
Year 11 Student

Representatives from UQ Space came into the Year 10 Physical Science classes and gave us an interesting presentation into their ventures in making rockets. A hands-on experience allowed us to understand the key aspects of a rocket and how they impact the flight. The team consisted of many inspiring students, particularly women who reminded us that women can do anything they put their minds to. Several students channelled this inspirational attitude into the STEM Day, in which we walked science-loving primary students through a variety of activities including Chemistry demos, an animal show, the liquid nitrogen show, computer design and playing around with the microscopes. All round, science week was an engaging experience for students of all ages.

Cate Brown
Year 11 Student

This year’s Science Week will be my last at Brigidine but I feel that it was the best science week so far! There were many new events and lots of old favourites. The electron microscope was an incredible opportunity to see first-hand the kind of things I have been studying in physics and chemistry. The microscope was so powerful that you could see deep into cells. The paper plane competition was incredibly fun, and some designs put my origami skills to the test. The nitrogen show was amazing to watch; my favourite part was seeing various flowers, pipes, and tennis balls being smashed like glass when frozen. This year, I got to run the trivia event. The Year 7 students gave a valiant effort and some Year 10 teams gave us seniors a run for our money. As always, Ms Guthrie did a wonderful job organising the week and picking immensely interesting science facts and hiding Albert across the school for us to find.

Grace Hiley
Year 12 Student

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